Our Company

Ace Gallagher Stump Grinding is a full service company with the knowledge, experience and technology to service all of your commercial and residential stump grinding needs. Since 1989 we have been providing top quality services at competitive prices throughout the Metropolitan area.

Our History

Ace Gallagher Stump Grinding, LLC. was started in 1989 out of a need for quality tree service and stump grinding. At the time of its inception, there were no reliable stump grinding companies to be found. And the ones that were around had poor quality control, were not operating under the best safety practices, and didn't have the best insurance. Ace Gallagher saw this as a prime marketing opportunity for someone with the knowledge, experience, and high standards of practice to fill this need, and at a good price point. In 1992, after three years of growing the business through quality work, Ace Gallagher was offered the opportunity to do Florham Park municipal stump grinding. And the business snowballed from there.

Since then, Ace Gallagher has worked, and continues to work, with over 80 landscaping companies, 10 tree services, various municipalities, boards of education, and federal parks departments. Among our many clients, we have done work for Ellis Island (over 150 stumps!), Breezy Point Military Base in Brooklyn, the Elizabeth Housing Authority, and Thomas Edison's Estate. We are also a member of the Environmental Commission of Florham Park, and recently served as Chairman of the first Arbor Day celebration in over 20 years.

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