Ace Gallagher Stump Grinding is now offering all phases of tree care.

The Stump Grinding Process


- 1 -

Stump Grinding can be done where grass is to be planted, to make room for a new tree, or to clear the way for a driveway, paving stones, or poured concrete. In all cases the process is virtually the same, though we often need to go deeper when a new tree is to be planted.


- 2 -

Stumps are ground to 8-9" below grade.


- 3 -

All visible surface roots to the stump are ground to the same depth as the stump.


- 4 -

The process turns the stump into mulch.


- 5 -

At the end of the process, all of the mulch is raked into the newly-created hole. All walkways and surrounding areas are blown clean as well.

Stump Grinding 101 with Ace Gallagher and Bandit Industries

Not sure how stump grinding works? It’s as much art as it is science—watch Ace Gallagher and his Bandit Industries Model 2150XP in action:

Ace Gallagher & Bandit Industries

Ace Gallagher Stump Grinding LLC is proud to have Bandit Industries as a partner, not just from their work with Eveland-Gallagher-Close One Day One School, but for their efforts in other specialty projects, both locally and around the world. Bandit equipment isn’t just preferred by Ace Gallagher Stump Grinding and many other One Day One School partners; Bandit stump grinders, wood chippers and recyclers can be found assisting in federal research work, renewable energy operations, and much more. This is the kind of work ethic and commitment to communities that Ace Gallagher Stump Grinding seeks to associate with, and it’s why our One Day One School partners like Bandit aren’t just partners, but friends.